Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Lexie's Chain: The Two Hundred and Ninety Eighth Chain

Hello pals. Welcome to week 298 of #lexieschain. Last week the winner was El Tel wiv Sumfink Sumfink put this in later. Let's see wot we got this week:

Well done Terence. Well, I figured if you could hold back the years, you could reelin' the years. Here is steely Dan.

Terence winned the Lexieschainy with " Holding Back The Years" , good job pal! So if we hold the years, does this mean we are in a "Time Warp" ? A classic for my entry today.

Last week Tel won wiv Slimpy Red and Holding Back the Years. We does wish we could hold back the years but instead we is holding out for a hero with the Welsh chanteuse Bonnie Tyler.

last week our winner was by the band Simply red…of course no one really thinks of them as a band because they are essentially Mick Hucknall and the rest…so this week our linky is another band of the same stripe…Jamiroquai….Jay Kay and some other dudes….and the song we have picked is Virtual Insanity…watch the video and tell me I’m wrong….

Sir Tel's winning song last week "Holding back the years" talks about Mick Hucknall's fears after his mother left. Simon Le Bon wrote the lyrics from our choice this week based on fears for his band mate John Taylor due to his drug use. Our link is "Hold back the rain" by Duran Duran.


Holding back the years, won I have to submit my choice of Louis Armstrong singing We Have All The Time In The world. We all want to hold back the years, and when we are young we think we have all the time in the world.

Mick Hucknall was (and is) Simply Red. The band got their name from his red locks! I'm goin wiph redheads and choose Tori Amos and Cornflake Girl.

An da winner dus be ................. @diamondbertie wiph Louis Armstrong and We Has All The Time in the World! Well done to you Bertie .. you dus be choosin next week.

Ere wot Tel said: Fanks for da 7 linkies pals. There woz several songs I rilly liked n da linkies were clever so woz difficult to decide. In da end I goes wiv linky 6 wot be "we have all the time in the world" by Louis Armstrong.

So now is over to you. Email me: lex[dot]dogstovesky @ or DM me on twitter (@dogstoyevsky) wiv your link suggestion followin on from dis one! You has until 23rd October 2016 (gets it to me by 2pm UK time if poss). Oh sometimes I dus accidentally delete em! Heehee. So good idea to type DO NOT DELETE in the title and dussnt forget to send a linky to da video from You Tube!

Lexie's Chain dus be inspired by da pawsome Radcliffe & Maconie Show wot you can has a listen to on dere website. Follow me @dogstoyevsky or #lexieschain on Twitter to join da fun. Remember anyfink goes! Rock, classical, opera, ballads, punk, reggae - is up to you! Fanx for playin!

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