Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lexie's Chain: The Three Hundred and Twenty Fifth Chain

Hello pals. Welcome to week 325 of Lexie's Chain. Last week the winner was Sonic wiv Auld Wives. Let see what we gots this week:

Well done with Auld Women. I am going with the opposite, young lads. My choice is from the movie "Mama Mia" based on the songs of ABBA. Here is the incomparable Christine Baransky in the scene "Does Your Mama Know?".

@sonikebt won with Bear's Den singing Auld Wives. This is a song of yearning and lost love ❤. This put me in mind of an old song from the late 1960s by Peter Sarstedt singing Where Do You Go To My Lovely it's a beautiful timeless piece.

last week Mr Sonic chose a song he  said was inspired by an odd rock formation…the oddest rock formation we have come across is The All Sports Band.  Sound engineer Tracy Coats (Frampton Comes Alive) came up with the genius/crackpot idea of a heterosexual, sports-based Village People. The result was the All-Sports Band, which featured a boxing drummer, a football and baseball player on guitar and bass, a race car driver keyboard player, and a karate kicking singer. What could go wrong? Here is their “song” I Am Your Superman….! Oh dear….

Last week Sonic won with a song by Bear Den. We love bears and this is our favourite song about a bear sung by our favourite muppets.

I watched this vid many times. The one thing that I came away with besides a new found band with a great sound, was profound sadness. The kind of sadness that occurs when your loved one is losing their memory to a horrid disease. My linky this week " I Will Remember You".

Right after a couple of week away cos if a pesky pup, I'm back! The winner last week is not a song or band I know. So i put lateral finking caps on. Apparently the video for Auld Wives starred an actor Joseph Marcell. Now he played da butler in da programme Da Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. A programme wot starred Will Smith. So me link dis week is Men in Black by Will Smith, not cos of da song but cos it co-starred da fantabulous Tommy Lee Jones.

Larst week pals Sonic n Spike winned wiv Auld Wives by Bears Den. I woz upset by da offishul video cos it showed sumwun  wrecking a house , setting it on fire n then burning to deff. So I needs to redress da balance n find a happy cheerful song. Wot duss yoo find in a bears den ? Bears of corse ! N bears just wanna have fun when dey wake up from hibernayshun  n wants to celebrate dat da nasty hunters in Trump Land haven't shot dem while dey were asleep. So my linky gonna be Bing Crosby singing "The Teddy Bears Picnic".

Auld Wives from Bears Den was the winner. I read that the song takes it's inspiration from a moving and personal ballad about the agony of watching a loved one suffering the sad and terrible Alzheimer's disease. One such artist is Glen Campbell and I honour him wiv one of me favourite tunes.

An da winner as chosen by ............... Sonic ...................... dus be .............................. Megan.

Ere wot Sonic  said: We have studied all the links very carefully and have chosen linky 4 coz we luvs a dancing bear.

So now is over to you. Email me: lex[dot]dogstovesky @ gmail.com or DM me on Monday 1st May
2017 (gets it to me by 10am UK time if poss). Oh sometimes I dus accidentally delete em! Heehee. So good idea to type DO NOT DELETE in the title and dussnt forget to send a linky to da video from You Tube!

Lexie's Chain dus be inspired by da pawsome Radcliffe & Maconie Show wot you can has a listen to on dere website. Follow me @dogstoyevsky or #lexieschain on Twitter to join da fun. Remember anyfink goes! Rock, classical, opera, ballads, punk, reggae - is up to you! Fanx for playin!

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