Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lexie's Chain: The Marley Special .. a tribute to a special friend

Hello pals! Dis week we put the chain on hold. As you know, we lost a very dear friend - Marley - and those of us wot play the chain fort we pay tribute to Marley dis week as a keen player and winner of Lexie's Chain.

So, here are our musical tributes to a wonderful pal who will be missed more than words can ever say.

@bvfeyj (Tucker)
Me so bery sorry to hear dat dearest Marley hab gone OTRB. Me hab cried all day, but den me finks, it so good dat Marley did win da #lexieschain dis one last time.

Me does know we will all miss Marley so much (eben Lola, da dog wiv no brane will miss him me fink). We does send lub and sympaffy to typist. Run free Marley! Flights ob angels sing thee to thy rest. Your courage and humor are an example to us all! We keep you in our hearts always!

Me finks dis duz be da song fur Marley! I Don Quixote:

So, onward to glory my furiend. We salute your courage, your generous spirit, and your gigantic heart full ob lub. The stars will burn brighter in the night sky. 

I would like to dedicate the song “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner to my pal Marley. As a humble werkin terrier I iz not good wiv werds but the title sez it all – Marley woz the bestest bestest of the bestest pal ever an anipal could have and I am so proud dat we were pals on twitta.

I followed Marley’s timeline avidly every day and thought he was a truly wonderful anipal . But behind the witty amusing & very caring Twitter persona was a very real and very loved little brown dog – an ambassador for Border Terriers worldwide. So loved was this little BT that tears have been shed for him across the world at the news of his passing. So the song I would like played for him is “Bright Eyes” by Art Garfunkel as I think this is appropriate for all four legged pals when they go OTRB.

WE dUs bE gOiNg w oUr tRibUte tO mArLey fRoM anOthEr mArLey, 'Bob'! aNd dA sOnGy dUs bE 'Don't Worry Be Happy'. wHy? caUse wE KnOw oUr pAL @marleyterrier wOuLd sAy dAt hE iS fEeLinG sUpA dAnG wApDOo suPa! sO, doN't wORrY! I dO bE rUnNinG fREe w mY pALs aNd I bE hERe hAviNg a pArtY cHasiNg dEm sQuireLLs aNd dRinKinG #baconbeer & hAviNg sNorSagEs W dA LikEs oF bUnNerS & wYLiE &
oH sO mAnY oThErs too!

rUn fReE sWeEt pAL! mWAh xxx

I fink I want take that - rule the world. The words in song mean a lot and I fink they relate to our feelings towards Marley.

A very sad week and I anticipate a lot of sad songs. My song however links to one of my fondest and happiest memories of Marley....The Great Fridge Raid. This was a hilarious story in his bloggings so if you haven't read it please do. Marley's blogs were always great and always brightened up my day. Marley took his name from a great musician and he loved his guitar songs. So my tribute song is a guitar anthem that features on the Fridge Raiders TV advert wot be Hank Marvin with Apache. Goodbye For You dear pal, you will be sadly missed...



We do be celebrating the life of the wonderful and incomparable Marley dis week, was only right, Marley won last week with the country and western group Little Feat. Well dis, of course made me think of the great Johnny Cash and his song '(Terrier) Orange Blossom'. we all know, according to 'The Marley Colour Principle' Mr Johnny was actually singing about the colour what hoomans believe to be pink and so my chainy do be Nick Drake 'Pink Moon'. ;-). Thank you Marley for the inspiration and the happiness you gave us xxxx.

@wonderwinger (Briar)
Marley you were inspirational, I cherished your friendship & all of your tweets to me and feel sad that you've left us at such a young age.

I was going to dedicate "My Heart will Go On" by Sealion Dijon but I can imagine Marley sighing & his eyes rolling at the thought. Instead I shall choose Marley's entry for the 88th Lexieschain: Eric Clapton: Knocking on Heaven's Door.

Until we meet again, love always,

Sweet Thing by Van Morrison. For sweet Marley.

We make this dedicayshun for our special friend Marley, who did hold my paw when I was new to Twitter and introdoosed us to lots of new friends and a whole new language! We fank him and typist for all the fun and useful forts and articles and guidance from the posse HQ. We would advise the squirrels of Ashtead to not rest on their lorrels cos they will have Lola to look out for, and if she need any help I can pop round .... We did dedicate dis song to him at nipclub earlier in the week, and Mum and me haven’t bin able to get it out of our heads - You've Got A Friend. So have a listen, sing along and let’s send all our forts to typist, mum, William, Lola and Clapton. Although it is a slow song we hope they will find it comforting as we do.
Finking of you always, Marley my chum xxxx 

A sad time for all who got to know this little brown dog. Marley said I was one on his first followers and I am so happy that I clicked the "Follow" button because his tweets were a joy I always looked forward to them.

It's always so hard to let go of a loved pet but we have to say to ourselves that it is our last act of love we can give them.

I was so lucky that his family to time out on their way to Cornwall to visit us and he, Lola and his family were a pleasure to meet. I send them my sincere love and condolences.
If asked for music to accompany this, I choose Bob Marley"s (who else) One Love.

@dogstoyevsky (me aka DJ Lady Lexie) 
I can't even begin to find the words to say what I feel. So many wonderful tributes to a wonderful pal. We will miss you more than anything my friend but you will never be forgotten.  I had to think long and hard about this so many I could of gone with. So I decided on a band wot we boaf love - ELO wiv Shine A Little Love.

Gone but never forgotten ma pal xxxx


  1. I am so touched by these thoughtful and loving tributes to a dog that made the world brighter for all who knew him, whether in real life or virtual. Well done everyone.

  2. Tears streaming again xxx What a wonderful BT he was & will be remembered forever! Look up at the brightest star in the sky & there is Marley Terrier watching over all of us xxx
    Lovely tributes from all xxx

  3. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing dog. Not a day has gone by since Marley went OTRB that I have not had leaky eyes at some point. Thank you Lexie for organizing this weeks chainy into such a moving tribute and bless all who participated.

  4. Ello for you, will be a sweet reminder of the sweetest , kindest, and funniest little brown dog Marley. What great songs that remind us of the love and laughter that he spread around our world. If mum had stopped leaking enough this week, she would have suggested"Rolls Royce "wishing on a star'. 1. Coz he was a British classic 2. He is up there, twinkling and spreading his magic, with all our chums who are OTRB. . A true star. Love always Pepper and Spot. X