Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lexie's Chain: Annual Awards 2013

Well pals fanx for all da wonderful chaining you dun over the last 3 years!  We are in year 4 of Lexie's Chain and is all to play for so far seein as we ain't akchewlly ad a game this year yet! So, who was the Chain Champ 2013! Let's see!

Yet annuva great year #lexieschain. I can't fank you all enuff for playin and makin it so much fun!

We had a few mishaps along the way, mainly, deletin entries coz I dus be stoopid  accidentally but there wasa lot less than usual I fink you will agree! We lost one of our best chainers, Tucker, who's mum sadly passed away - Joyce. We were able to contact Joyce's mum and let her know that we all missed them and how much they meant to us. RIP Joyce. We presented Tucker wiv a posthumous award for all their superb linkies wot we gave to Tucker's true love @spriteandfinn.

We had a first on Lexie's Chain. 3 ties for 2nd place! That means, accordin to rules of ranking wot I read on wikipikidi, that there is no 3rd or 4th place! So, the 2nd place winners were:

Tied 2nd Place 

@kelsoterrier, @claptonterrier and @diamondbertie. Yay! Well done pals!

Da Winner!!! 

The Chain Champ of 2013 wiv a fantastic 6 wins! Please pals, put your paws (an hands and err wings and uvva limbs) togeva for our pal:

Freddie (@freddie_bt)

Well that's it! So, who wil be the Chain Champ of 2014? Will it be YOU?! Follow #lexieschain on twitter to play along or follow me @dogstoyevsky! Bye for now.

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