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Lexie's Chain: Annual Awards 2011

Well pals, what a year it has been for #lexieschain. I can't fank you all enuff for playin and makin it so much fun!

There have been some amazin links and I love the way every one is so very different. I fink we've had a few that were the same over the year, but not many!

I've had a few mishaps along the way, mainly, deletin entries coz I dus be stoopid  accidentally. I also got a few fings wrong and have been known to get muddle up now an den! That's what makes it more fun! right?? .... right??!!! heehee. Movin on swiftly!

Ok .......... ere we go! Oh ... by the way, all winners will receive a speshul prize from DJ Lady Lexie so don't forget to DM me your address to send fings to if I dussnt already av it.

Funniest Chain

These guys playin since week 32 and have made me larf so much! One particular song wot made me larf out loud was Moses Supposes! Hee-hee.

So dis award go to .... Bunners  & Harvs.

Yay! Well done ma pals and fanx for makin me larf!

Da next award is for ......

Best International Player

Dis goes to da gawjus Maggie T Kat.

Maggie bin playin da chain on and off since Week 5 of da chain back in Jan 2011!

Maggie has send in links to some really fantastic songs, some of which I as never heard of before.

My favourite of Maggie's does be Sixteen Tons! Fanx for playin Maggie.

DJ's Favourite

Dis award goes to my good friend Miriam who bin playing da game since about Week 9.

We talk a lot about music  an Miriam and me does av very similar taste in moosics! Espeshully, for female artists such as PJ Harvey, Kate Bush and Imogen Heap.

So dis to say fanx for all da great chains and sorry for losin a few! My personal favourite dus be Dancin Wiv Tears In Ma Eyes by Ultravox!

 Tenacious Terrier

Now then, this next award goes to a pal who has da most dogged determinashun I ever seen!

He bin playin da chain now since week 34 but so far wifout a win!
I am sure it will appen for you soon ma pal and I want you to keep on playin!

To show how much I dus admire your tenaciousness (oohh!!) please accept dis award of da Tenacious Terrier 2011!

Fanx for playin! My personal favourite of yours is Star Man by David Bowie ;).

AND NOW ....

Who is da champ of champs! Who's been sendin in those winnin linkies week after week!

Third Place

These little guys have sent in an amazin 33 entries and won a fantastic 4 times! Their love of the 80's has seen em frew time and time again! Please say well done to Tartan Terriers!

My personal favourite dus be Tie Your Mother Down by Queen. Well done ma pals and fanx for playin!

Second Place

This guy knows his onions! An by that I don't mean onions of course, I mean moosics! heehee.

Kelso also bin playing since week 5. My favourite linky from Kelso dus be Swamp Thing!

It was a close run fing between this guy and the top man but he was just pipped at da post!

Congraluashuns to Kelso!! I fink he did av some help from Kelos and Leslo but I let im off dat! heehee. Yay! Well done.

Da Winner!!!

And finally .. wifout furva ado I am delighted to announce The Chain Champ of 2011 .. wiv a fantastic 39 entries and a massive 10 wins! Please pals, put your paws (an hands and err wings and uvva limbs) togeva for our pal:

Tucker (@bvfeyj)

And finally ...who won the chain this week?? Well here' what Bunners & Harvs had to say about this week's chain:

whoshty! dis wus supa hupsa hard fur us cuz all dem linkies wuz grand but we did found we wus rilly torn between four of dem linky winks. saying dat all dem songy wongs dis week wus supa good to howl along wid. dey is not only sentermental but dey has good links fur da songy wot we did win last week but Lexie makes us go wid one only so we has chosen.....

Louis Armstrong - When You're Smiling cuz we dus hope evaone dus smile the whole way through 2012. we dus been tapping r toes mostly to dis one and well mum dus love ella & louis and dey wus in lurv too! hee hee 

So congratulations to Marley Terrier! Yay! Well done Marley, Speshul prize on it's way ma pal!

Thanks so much to everyone who has played Lexie's Chain. An remember, it's not da winnin, it's da joy of da moosic xxxx.

This be DJ Lady Lexie signin off! Here's to next year! Am gonna attempt to get a bit more sophisticated on da votin side of fings but I need a bit of time to set it up and you know me and technology ;). Eeeek.

An finally ... ere dus be a list of all da players and wot the achieve! Well done to you all.

Name                                Entries                                        Wins
Tucker 39 10
Kelso 39 7
Lexie 36 6
Tartan Terriers 33 4
I Am Fuzzy 31 1
Indie 30 4
Diamond Bertie 24 3
Marley 22 3
Bunners & Harvs 19 2
Miriam 17 2
Terence 16 0
Maggie 15 2
Millie 12 0
Zoe 10 2
Rossi Dog 9 1
Patch 8 0
Oz 6 2
Martha 4 1
Fizzle Bear 4 1
Cloon Four Megan 4 0
Wonder Winger 4 0
Cathy Keisha 4 0
Rosie 4 0
The Go Bros 4 0
Bella Ruff Mutt 2 0
Diesel 2 0
Gizmo Geo Dog 2 0
Kathleen 2 0
This Bear 2 0
BabzB01 1 0
Icy Pink Lemonade 1 0
La Mutt 1 0
Mangatoo 1 0
Super Chow Chow 1 0
Tora 1 0
Twiglet 1 0

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