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Lexie's Chain: The Eighty-Sixth Chain

Hello pals! Welcome to Week 86 of #lexieschain. Dis week was down to Indie to choose. Last time was Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones. Let's see wot happened this week!

@bvfeyj (Tucker)
Last week da Rolling Stones was looking for shelter just like dey did in 1969, but in 1968 The Band was needin some place where dey could lay dey head. So me does fink The Band needed shelter too cuz dey “was feelin’ ‘bout half past dead”!

The Weight by The Band (From "The Last Waltz")

Okey Dokey a linky to follow the Rolling Stones & Gimme Shelter. Whilst meditating & seeking divine guidance from the #lexieschain angel the werds 'You sheltered me from harm ....' floated into ma head. Dis is the opening lyric of the songy Everything I own which woz written by David Gates (which iz an appropriate name since houses are shelters an hav gates on the front path) It woz recorded by by many peeps but I chose da vershun by Boy George

as my linky (We likes dis cos it has da furst prototype pole dancers in da video)

Last week BorderPup did give us the Rolling Stones & “Gimme Shelter†wiv a very clever linky bowt a charitee building houses. So I goes for Our House by Madness as my linky dis week

Obvious - yep! Short n Sweet ! But I like it !

 Over recent weeks we have had The Who and now The Rolling Stones both huge British Rock Groups. Gimme Shelter is one of the best known songs never to have been released as a single. For my link this week I am going to choose another huge UK Rock Band and another very famous song that has also never been released as a single so my linky this week is Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin.


We see dat Indy did choose Gimme Shelter, a song bout seekin shelter from the storm enveloping da werld. Well….er….we has not so much done a linky to our song as just turn the ole fing upside down and back to front. Our choice dis week be Burning Down the House by Talking Heads.

Well done Indy on last week's win giving us Rolling Stones to play with. Well now Keith Richards & Mick Jagger both come from Dartford as does my mum. This got me thinking about other famous folk who come from there, turns out there aren't many and even less with a musical bent. (Must be something in the water, mum can only play the triangle).

However, there was the rock guitarist Paul Samson who formed a heavy metal outfit named after himself called Samson. He also played guitar on my linky, Black Betty by Ram Jam.

Well that Mr Jagger does have a large mouth and a very good singing voice. Hmmm look at Milli Vinilli 'Girl you know it's true'. Dey not actually singing! Naughty.

@bunnersandharvs (Harvs)
*Claps paws* fur my clever pal wot be BorderPup fur da songy by da Rolling wot Stones - Gimme Shelter. So it gots dis paw thorting about how much he likes his home and it did make my paws start tippy tapping to da toone 'Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkle  cause I knows how lucky me & da familee be to have such warm shelter so I dUs always be happy when we is Homeward Bound, hit it... 

Last week's song was 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones - (a great song, by the way!!!). 'Gimme Shelter' was also the name of the Rolling Stones 1969 American tour and the final performance was a free concert at Altamonte Speedway - an infamous concert due to the violence that erupted.

The concert also featured performances by The Jefferson Airplane and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (among others). Coincidentally, in 1969, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, together with Paul Kantner of The Jefferson Airplane wrote and composed another anti-war song in of all places, my home State of Florida aboard Crosby's boat! This song - 'Wooden Ships' - is my pick for the next link in the chain.

Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter had me thinking. I come up with The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. Why? The song goes "hello darkness my old friends, I've come to talk with you again, because the visions softly ..." The human need for shelter when darkness falls is as primitive and needful as the ages.

right --- mmmm --- gimme shelter by the rolling stones. Gimme (wot dus be short for give me) as been used in quite a few songs over the years but one of ma favourites as got to be Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba. Why? Because it was also the feem toon to Gimme Gimme Gimme starrin Kathy Burke who dus be very funny lady an dus be sitcom we loves! So ere da Abba version.

Oh an here is linky to da sitcom:

An the winner dis week .... as chosen by @borderpup  ..... dus be  ........ @bunnersandharvs (Harvs) wiv Homeward Bound. Yay!! Well done ma pal! 

Now is time to get your finkin caps on an send me (find out how on da guidelines page fing) the next link in the chain. Da winner dis week dus be pickin da winner next week and dat means you Harvs (wiv assistance from Lord Percy).

It's over to you! Email me: lexie at toxicpenguin dot com or DM me on twitter (@dogstoyevsky) wiv your link suggestion followin on from dis one! You has until noon (GMT) Sunday 2 September 2012. Sometimes I dus accidentally delete em! Heehee. So good idea to type DO NOT DELETE in the title!  

Lexie's Chain dus be inspired by da pawsome Radcliffe & Maconie Show wot you can has a listen to on dere website. Follow me @dogstoyevsky or #lexieschain on Twitter to join da fun. Remember anyfink goes! Rock, classical, opera, ballads, punk, reggae - is up to you! Fanx for playin!

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