Monday, 12 May 2014

Lexie's Chain: The Hundred and Seventy Third Chain

Hello pals! Welcome to week 173 of #lexieschain. Last week da winner was Indie wiv The Doobie Bruvvas an Long Train Runnin'. Let's see wot we gots dis week:

So, apparently a "doobie" is a special kind of cigarette, a naughty cigarette with something called drugs in it. So our link this week is a classic ode to addiction: Perfect Day by Lou Reed (not the crappy version with Bono and. Heather Small in, the proper version).

Well done with the Doobies' "Long Train Runnin" which was on their 1973 album. The second incarnation of the Doobies featured Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Michael McDonald who met while working with Steely Dan. Using this muscian link, I am going with a Steely Dan song also from 1973, "Show Biz Kids". A few years ago, Michael McDonald toured with The Dan, so here is a wonderful recording of Michael singing lead. Great shots of Walter and Donald (singing backup). 

Paws are dancing & clapping. Great linky and an easy one for me. So we was driving down the road & it came .... We have doobies & trains and only one way to go. " Sittin' downtown in a railway station." "One Toke Over The Line" Brewer & Shipley . Thanks Lexie & Mum for all the hard work you do! 

The Doobies wuznt bruvvers bot got deir name coz of deir fondness fer gettin high. Da inevitable consequence of da high is da low, cause of many pwoblems but also made me fink of a linky, Nick Lowe who I av listened to fer a long time but wot tune to pick fwom someone dat has been writin gweat songs since Brinsley Schwarz in da early 70s. Well on his bwilliant 2001 CD The Convincer he did a cover of da Jonny Rivers song "Poor Side of Town" which features Doobie or more likely Do-Be in da chorus indeed da song finishes wiv dis. Its a song bout lost love n bein fwom da wrong side of da tracks, not unlike Long Train Runnin. Ere's Nick Lowe's excellent version recorded wiv some of his fwends includin Geraint Watkins melodic keyboards.

Sorry to leave it till the last minute, @borderpup won last weeks chain with The Doobie Brothers" Long TrainRunning, I keep the theme of trains and railways going with my choice which Alma Cogan singing In The Middle of the House.

Morning all well done @borderpup so Doobie Brothers I like easy links so I am using brothers as the link to take me to real brothers in bands. Ray and Dave Davies had a very tempestuous relationship worse even than those Gallagher brothers but they certainly made brilliant music so my link is to their first number one You Really Got Me by The Kinks enjoy.

Doobie Bruvvas was a band. I like the word doobie. We cod go wiv doobie, wot be slang for a joint for smokin. We could go wiv scooby dooby do, a clever doggie wot was a detective wiv is feme too scooby dooby do where are you? The there's also doobie doobie doo which is the improv Sinatra sings at the end of Strangers In the Night. We plumped for shooby dooby doo wop, pop pop shoo wop!! Talk about! Pop Muzik. So our linky is Pop Muzik from M! 

An da winner ... as chosen by  .... @borderpup ...... dus be ......... @maggietkat. Yay! Well done my pal, annuva great win Maggie!! So dat meant you dus be choosin next week!

Ere wot Indie said: Annuver great selection of toons from chainers this week! We picked our top 3 then had to choose winner, who is ... *drumroll* number 2, wiv Steely Dan and Showbiz Kids.  We liked the link wiv progression of the band and the different members into the present day. Our other contenders were 2 more triffic toons: number 6 wiv the Kinks and number 7 wiv M.

So it's over to you. Email me: lexie at toxicpenguin dot com or DM me on twitter (@dogstoyevsky) wiv your link suggestion followin on from dis one! You has until 18th May 2014 (gets it to me by 2pm UK time if poss). Oh sometimes I dus accidentally delete em! Heehee. So good idea to type DO NOT DELETE in the title and dussnt forget to send a linky to da video from You Tube!

Lexie's Chain dus be inspired by da pawsome Radcliffe & Maconie Show wot you can has a listen to on dere website. Follow me @dogstoyevsky or #lexieschain on Twitter to join da fun. Remember anyfink goes! Rock, classical, opera, ballads, punk, reggae - is up to you! Fanx for playin!

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