Monday, 23 February 2015

Lexie's Chain: The Two Hundred and Twelfth Chain

Hello pals. Welcome to week 212 of #lexieschain. Last week the winner was Indie with Ernie, The Fastest Milkman from Benny Hill. Lets see wot we gots dis week.

Last weeks winner was Benny Hill with Ernie and his fast milk cart. Poor Trigger, getting kicked by Two Tonne Ted! So I've chosen another comedian who had a hit single - Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff with Dizzy.

Last week the wise and wonderful @borderpup won with Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West. I thought I'd use Milk as my Linky and I immediately thought of the Sean Penn film, "Milk" the biopic about the first openly gay person elected to US public office, Harvey Milk. My song comes from the soundtrack and is the delightful disco classic by Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). (Warning do not watch this video if hungover or prone to epilepsy).

Ernie, for some reason makes me think of E.R.N.I.E. (can't think why) which is the computer that chooses the winning premium bond numbers, although he never chooses mine! The best (or Premium) Bond was, of course, Roger Moore which I'm also counting as my rude Benny Hill-esque innuendo (in your endo - that's the second one) link for the week because of the Roger More connotations. Anyway, I digress. The song Ernie was about a milkman and baker trying to win the girl and they both had a fight with A View To Kill each other. So my link this week is Duran Duran with the Bond theme A View To A Kill.

The very clever @borderpup won last weeks chain with Benny Hill's funny song Ernie - the fastest milkman in the west.  I can only choose as the link is the Benny Hill theme Yakety Sax. Why? When I listened to Ernie the theme Yakety Sax kept coming to my head.

Larst week da winning linky woz “Ernie The Fastest Milkman in the West” by Benny Hill. His character woz well known for leerin at n chasin young girls wiv big boobies. Vewy non PC n all dat but no wun knoo wot PC woz back den. Dey fort it woz Dixon of Dock Green. Anyways I digress – back to da linky. A well known comedy actress of da same era wot had her boobies leered at in da “Carry On” fillums woz Barbara Windsor. So for my linky I gives yoo a songy by Babs “Sparrows Can’t Sing”.

Milkmen worked for milk companies like Unigate and drove around in their milkfloat deliverin milk. They wod ring on your doorbell and ask you if you wanted one or two pints! Are you ok for yoggit and butter and fings like that. Unigate wos a milk company wot came up wiv characters they called Humphreys. Humphreys were milk feeves wot would suck up milk few a red and white stripey straw. The White Stripes are a famous band wot are known for wearing red and white whilst performing. Here's their song, My Doorbell.

Indie won with a song called Ernie by well-known funny man, Benny Hill. We did not have to think for long about a link….Mr Hill was very silly and very funny…so this week we have chosen a song by The Divine Comedy…called National Express….

Well done with Benny Hill and Ernie! I am going the silly farm route for my chain. I present to you the Peterson Brothers with Farm Style.

So the winner as chosen by @borderpup dus be ......... @kelstoterrier. Blimey you is on a roll!! You dus be choosin next week Kelos!

Ere wot Indie said: Well, a diverse bunch this week! We had great fun reading frew all the linkies and listening to all the songs, from 'bahaha' to 'too cool for skool'. After much deliberation (and a couple of sherries) we can announce this week's winner is ... number 3 with 'View to a Kill'. Congrats, No. 3!  Oh, and by the way, No. 6, we do still have a milkman, and No. 7 - mum concurs; it is indeed hard to get by when your arse is the size of a small country!

So it's over to you. Email me: lexie at toxicpenguin dot com or DM me on twitter (@dogstoyevsky) wiv your link suggestion followin on from dis one! You has until 1st March 2015 (gets it to me by 2pm UK time if poss). Oh sometimes I dus accidentally delete em! Heehee. So good idea to type DO NOT DELETE in the title and dussnt forget to send a linky to da video from You Tube!

Lexie's Chain dus be inspired by da pawsome Radcliffe & Maconie Show wot you can has a listen to on dere website. Follow me @dogstoyevsky or #lexieschain on Twitter to join da fun. Remember anyfink goes! Rock, classical, opera, ballads, punk, reggae - is up to you! Fanx for playin!

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