Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lexie's Chain: Annual Awards 2012

Well pals, a bit late but better late than neva as they dus say. We are in year 3 of Lexie's Chain and is all to play for so far. I realised I hadn't posted about the winners of 2012 so fort I best correct that!

It was annuva great year #lexieschain. I can't fank you all enuff for playin and makin it so much fun!

As usualy, we had a few mishaps along the way, mainly, deletin entries coz I dus be stoopid  accidentally. 

It was a sad time for us on the chain too as we lost very dear pals - Bunners, Marley an Lennox. They will always live on in our hearts.

So who was da champs of 2012! Well, let me tell ya:

Third Place 

@patchdacat - #wlf member and almost solely representin the felines. Patch entered the chain an amazin 41 times and winnin 7 chains! Well done ma pal for your third place.

Second Place 
@kelsoterrier - enterin 30 times and winning 8 chains, kelso shows great 'agility' (do you see what I did there?) at the chain game! Well done K, second year running!

Da Winner!!! 

The Chain Champ of 2012 (which I know you already know wot wiv it bein March!)  .. wiv a fantastic 38 entries and 9 wins! Please pals, put your paws (an hands and err wings and uvva limbs) togeva for our pal:

Briar (@wonderwinger)

Two final awards from Lexie:

This posthumous award was given to a dear dear pal in recognition of how awesome they was at playin the chainy and how dear they were to all our hearts. We gived this to our dearest pal Marley - @marleyterrier - we miss you more than you will ever know!

This award goes to the sweetest terrier I as ad the pleasure of knowin an who has come up wiv some awesome chainies and plays the game wiv such a great spirit, mainly coz she has a big lovely heart - @rosieterrier - DJ's favourite player of 2012!

Well that's it! Sorry it is late. At least I finally got round to it eh? So, who wil be the Chain Champ of 2013? Will it be YOU! Follow #lexieschain on twitter to play along or follow me @dogstoyevsky! Bye for now.

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